Sunday, July 19, 2009


As per my last post, ive have transferred to a new place of work and ive started there on the 16th. As per usual and expected, feeling out of sort and disoriented after being with my last company for so long. Slowly trying to find my way again in a new environment. Not much work to do yet, just getting a few briefing and orientation around the place. So there are not much thing to write abt yet. Im still getting to know the other staffs too slowly. Its a 6 days work, working hours are from 9.30 am - 6 30pm. So yesterday was my 1st working saturday after so long and it was really something to get use to again. Im now attached to a Personnel Dept and working in the Bkt Bintang Area. So thats that for now.

Yesterday (18/7) was quite a memorable day coz Manchester United was playing against Malaysia at Stadium Bkt Jalil as part of their Asian Tour but i was working and couldnt got tickets to watch them live. Was a little sad abt that as im a huge MAN U fan. I managed to watch a few minutes of the games on TV. That night pulak, Anugerah Planet Musik was showing at ASTRO RIA and it was quite an entertaining programme which was held in Jakarta for the 1st time. My congratulations goes to all the winners and special shout out and congratulations to AIZAT for winnning Best Male Vocal and Most Popular Songs (Downloads) in Malaysia. This Guy is really opening a lot of ppl eyes and ears to his music and talent. It seems 2009 is going to be his year starting from winning in AIM and winning 3rd in the International Music Festivals in Bulgaria. Mighty happy and proud of you AIZAT. Syukur alhamdulillah and may you be more successful and gain more recognition with your latest win. So proud to be a AIZONERS.

So thats all that i need to write about so far so til the next post....i see ya when i see ya...XOXO

Thursday, July 02, 2009



orite, i get that out of the way, hari ini ade dept lunch...beshnye, kekenyangan yg teramat...why and for whom?......for YOURS akan transfer to a subsidiary company i happy? NO! do i have a choice? NO! ....enuff said. am i sad? YES, MOST DEFINITELY! ...mau tak sedey beb, been with the company for 11 years plus if my blog is silent for a long time, you'll know why. it will be a totally different environment and job description for me, so quite anxious abt that and me might not be able to access and check a PC often as i will not be in an office as im expected to be mobile almost all the time wish me luck on this new assignment. those who knows abt my new situation, pls keep in contact via phone or email k.... so geng nubies and aizoners, anything new, pls keep me inform ok...huhuhu...sedey pulak dh i'll stop for now... my last day will be 15 JULY 2009. i dont want to but i have to say bye2 to all my friends and colleagues here......waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa