Friday, February 27, 2009


This tag was given and challenge to me by Jase....quite interesting and the syarat-syaratnya yang amat mencabar minda ialah seperti berikut :
(1) Go to your photos folder in your computer (or laptop).
(2) Go to the 6th folder of photos.
(3) Go to the 6th picture in that folder.

(4) Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
(5) Invite six friends to join the challenge.
(6) Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

Ini gambar dewan kat Juasseh, Kuala Pilah N9, kampung Nubhan AF6....time ni sy mengikuti rombongan beramai2 drpd KL ala2 rombongan cik kiah gitu dgn menaiki bas yg disewa khas oleh Nubhanfc, dtg ke kampung nubhan utk menghadiri majlis kesyukuran sempena kemenangan Nubhan mendpt tpt ketiga dlm pertandingan AKADEMI FANTASIA KE ENAM. Di dewan ini, nubhan di arak di iringi kompang dan di raikan oleh org kampungnya...itu adalah kali pertama sy sampai ke kampung nubhan dan ke Juasseh...klakar pulak dh ikut step by step syarat di atas, gambar ini yg terkluar...layan jer!!!!

sapa pulak nk ku tag kan....entahlah kalo rase interesting tag ini, u ols jwb jer ler k....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Artis Baru Lelaki Popular
5- Riz

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1- adam
3-Amy Search

The finalist for the ABPBH was announced today and great news - NUBHAN and AIZAT made it to the finals....alhamdulillah and congratulations to both....competition is tough but insya'allah me will be voting for you both....ALL THE BEST AND GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hai, seems so long that i've not updated my blog.... a lot of things are going on but i could not share with anybody..... so what have i been up to and what can i share are the following :-
i went to this event just to check it out and also to do my part for the palestine people and their plight in is a noble thought and im proud that Malaysian are really caring and aware of the injustices and pain going on of the palestine sampai dlm kul 12 noon and mmg dh ramai org at that time...a lot of artist was there and it is one reason why i came that day...the first stall i went to is the stalls that sells cakes sold by bbrp artist like Fouziah Ghous, Iqram Dinzly, Ally Iskandar...the cakes sold are sponsored by the Berjaya Times Square Hotel and as me kenal Iqram, he 'forced' me to buy a carrot cake from him as my first contribution to the cause that day...x force pn mmg dtg utk charity kan...hehehe

Next i walked around and at that time, Aznil and Din Beramboi was on stage doing their bit together with 3 Raja Lawak's alumni - Along, Angah and Azrul....i was not really paying attention but i think mayb Aznil ade lelong some of his personal things...

Jalan2, tgk2 lagi, ade chef wan tgh memasak n menandatangani buku masakannya, ade nampak Azean Irdawaty jual Mee rebus, nampak Rosyam, nampak Faizal Ismail, DJ HOTFM, byk betul artis ms tu, mmg seronoklah dpt ambik gambar dgn dorang...sambutan pn mmg mengalakkan, makin lama makin ramai yg dtg....jalan2 jumpe stall cupcakes Aizat n Liyana Jasmay...sedap tau cupcakes tu, siap ade signature aizat n liyana atas cupcakes tu, cupcakes tu cousin Aizat yg buat, mmg sedap cupcakes tu i tell you. check out sosweetpliz for more info abt the dptlah ambik gambar dgn Aizat and Liyana kat situ...dh kurus bangat kan Aizat...

and then adalah bbrp artis/personaliti lelong some of their personal belongings - Datin Seri Tiara auctioned off a pair of earrings custommade for her by a jeweller from India which was auctioned off for RM 150, Aizat auctioned his guitar sold for RM 200, Ramli MS pn ade auctioned his suits, belts and shirts which was branded and very exclusive....Ade performance from Saerah and Saida and me finally went back at abt are some other artist piccas that me sempat snap there

In between, not much aktiviti, most of the time just lepakking and resting at home. On 7/2/09, i went for a Nubhanfc meeting to discuss abt the activities planned for the year...abt 12 of us attended this meeting at Mdm Kwan Restaurant in Midvalley.

here we are minus kak kyrun(who have to leave early) and bad3 who took this picca (picca credit to tira)


8/2/2009 - Watch Pink Panther 2 at TGV KLCC

Went for the 1 30 pm show and nasib baek org x ramai ms beli tiket tu tp for the show the seatings was almost we reached there around 12.45, lepas beli tiket me went for lunch kat food court tkt x mkn, just share a maggi goreng w man and teh o ais limau....cukup time je, we all pn g and msk the movie theater...mmg klakar citer ni, and the cast terdiri drpd big names gak - jeremy irons, aishwarya rai, andy garcia, john cleese mmg buat the story very entertaining...mcm biasa Steve Martin was hilarious and such a klutz with his antics and recommend all to see this movie kalo ade chance k...
That all for now....oh ya! i also got tagged by kak kyrun tp nntlah i jwb your tag ye kak....tgh xde idea and mood at the moment...until then...ciao and peace!