Thursday, January 29, 2009


Due to the long CNY holidays i've decided to compile all piccas and activities into one post. Here goes :-

24/1/2009 - Santai @ Menara KL with Hezry, Live at RTM2 11pm

Why was i there....Nubhan got a show n man sampai dlm kul 9 pm and i saw that the other nubies was already there - YB, FIT, Kikey, BAD3, Tokwan, Edna and Vern...after saying hello to everyone, YB said that Nubhan is already there and to see him in the waiting i came in i saw that Tira, Eila, Norajoey, sue_agnes, kTcats and harney was already inside and nubhan is practising a mandarin song with the help of tira and eila...and all the while they spoke in mandarin...layan je...hehehhe...the other guest artist that nite was lousia chong and hubby, karen kok...basically Hezry, the host just wants to know their opinion on how they celebrate chinese new year and the preparations. Karen Kok was 1st to perform and then Nubhan's turn singing 'Generasiku'...after the show all of us went for supper at Lotus Restaurant. As Nubhan got another show tomorrow at Bdr Kinrara, he left earlier around 1 am and me pn balik close to 2 am.

25/1/2009 - Muzikfm di lokasi @ Giant BK 5, Bandar Kinrara, 2 pm

me sampai dlm kul 1 pm and just walked around for a while...this Giant is newly opened and a lot of the shops has not opened yet...quite a big place and its location is very strategic - on a hill overlooking the Highway...around 1 30 pm or so the Muzikfm DJs has already announced abt the event and by 2pm, the front of the mini stage there was already filled with people including me...i managed to stand quite near to the stage, the event started with eating mandarin orange the fastest which was won by Hafiz, who i think is a nubies....performance was started by Farahwahida and after each performance the DJ's will organised games in between, among the games played was limbo dancing, acting like a rock band, of coz eating mandarin oranges...Adam's protege, Back Boyz was next, this guys can sing and of coz dance very well, Saerah was next...all hampers or prizes was given by the respective artist performing that day...Adam performed with the Back Boys acting as his back-up dancers...their dance moves was very tight and energetic...Then came Nubhan's turn, he sang 'Ada untukmu' and the crowd response was very good...Finally it was stacy's turn and it shows that the crowd was waiting for her performance the most...Stacy was also assisted by her back-up dancers and the girl can really dance...all in all quite enjoyable.{for more pictures on this event, go to flickr_halle} thanks halle, nice n exclusive pictures as always.

26/1/2009 - Watch 'Underworld 3 : Rise of the Lycans @ Pavillion KL

me n man watched the 7 45 pm show....this story is supposed to be the prequel to the 1st Underworld starring Kate Beckinsale but she only appeared at the expected ade byk blood and killing scenes, dh citer pn pasal vampires and werewolves kan...but im proud of myself coz i didnt scream .....out aloud...hehhee...boleh lah recommend kalo ade yg nk tgk..i pn dh lupa how the story goes so just tgk jelah...

27/1/2009 - Watch 'Bedtime Stories" @ TGV, KLCC and Visit KL Tower

i caught the 2 30 pm show and of coz i went with man....this is a very sweet story and most of the audience watching came with family and kids....layan jelah, nk tgk Adam Sandler punye pasal...its abt how a bedtime story told by Adam Sandler to his nephew and niece came thru the next day though some of it was coincidence then magic...very entertaining and heart warming, very sweet story, very feel good movie...After the movie, we decided to go to KL Tower as we got 2 free tickets from the Santai @ Menara KL show. Byk gak org kat situ coz masih holiday we pusing2 kat observation deck watching the whole of KL from the Tower and even caught the sunset that day, so beautiful...very nice experience and very romantic.

So that's it, that how i spend my weekend this week...enjoy the slide k

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

US sworn in its 44th President and A Birthday wish

The First Family - The Obamas (during the swearing in ceremony)
(picture taken from
acknowledging the crowd and well wishers
(picture taken from

20/1/2009 will be remembered in not only American but world history for the day when the First African American President was sworn in, President Barack Hussein Obama is his name. He represents the changes to come and a new hope of not only the American but also the World....but let us remember he is still just a MAN and a POLITICIAN at that....So Mr President - Good luck and all the best and hope he will address the most important issue of the moment - the invasion and war on Gaza...God knows the Palestine people need all the help that the world could offer to end the suffering and killing of innocent people namely women, children and the elderly.

This birthday wish is going out to Aizat on his 20th birthday today....wishing you all the best for 2009 in your personal and career....may the year brings you more success in everything you do...God Bless and everything nice to you...Keep rocking!

Monday, January 19, 2009


The winners with their trophies

Meet Uncle Hussein (MUH) AJL 23 champion for 'Lagu Untukmu" which also won for the Pop Rock Category

Faizal Tahir the big winner - Best Vocal, Best Performance, Best Balada for "SAMPAi SYURGA"

My 2 cents :

I was at the stadium last nite and mmg best the performance and the overall presentation of this year's AJL...the feeling throughout the stadium was very electric and happening...all was there to celebrate the songs and performances regardless of who was the favourite among all...all the performance was enjoyed and applauded by the audience...Faizal Tahir's performance was special and mesmerising during 'Sampai Syurga'...haunting even...he definitely was the favourite last nite but my personal choice for best performance, should go to Stacy with her non stop and energetic dance movement...

MUH "LAGU UNTUKMU" - WOW! a surprise?! another honour for INDIE band last nite after ESTRANGED won last year....mmg at first after Faizal Tahir 3rd trophy, ramai already thinking and expecting that Faizal will win it all...but MUH managed to "upset" though it was a great "upset"...LAN, UR VOCAL ROCKZ MAN! MUH ROCKZ!

Farahwahida "Persoalan Cinta" won in the ethnic creative category - mmg antara the 3 songs in this category, her song is totally a new sound as it includes a chinese element and instrument and her performance was also very colourful...not much to comment.

A special mention to Aizat....last nite your performance dh terbaek bro! .... you're always a winner in your fanz - AIZONERS heart....keep rocking!

The results aside, the 3 host was great, the comedy sketches by Din beramboi and Mr OS during the break was enjoyable and funny, All the finalist last nite gave great performances - A class of its own ...AJL 23 definitely ILLUMINATES MUSIC last nite...WELL DONE TV3!

(pictures credit to GUA.COM)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


hello just came back from my family holiday kat Cameron Highland....went there on saturday(10/1/09) and came back yesterday(12/1/09)...Nothing much just a get together with my 2 brothers and their family...we stayed at a cottage at Bkt Lowick...this the 2nd time we went there had a bad experience on the day that me supposed to go there...1st my dad terbawak my car keys and luckily there was another car and key at home though i seldom drove that and hubby went later than the rest, itu yg kelam kabut jap bila kunci kete xde...lps dh cool down skit, we bertolak from home around 11 30 am....masa nk sampai kat kawasan rehat jejantas sg buloh, punyalah jam, kete byk and moving so slowly...rupenya there was an earlier accident...after the accident area, traffic was clear...

Me decided to follow the Tapah road to Cameron coz it closer than from Simpang Pulai but my mum beritau that jalan Tapah tu pening nk cepat, ikut je lah jalan tu...everything was going fine and the road mmg bersimpang siuh then the car started to jerk and finally stop at a selekoh..the reason was i forgot to change the gear to a lower gear for panic gak sekejap, dh lah tgh raining and stop betul2 kat selekoh bahaya tu....try calling my dad and after a few minutes, i try to start the car again and luckily it dapat bergerak balik...and we finally reached the cottage at around 4 30pm...xpelah janji sampai kat cameron mmg sejuk sgt, my brother and sister sampai pakai 3 helai baju...mmg kena pakai sweater and was prepared by the caretaker of the cottage so we all just makan aje while we were there...complete meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner...ini belum timbang, mesti naik berat badan..hehehehe...sekali xde keluar mana2 pn just relaxing at the cottage, last day pn mintak my sister's help to buy strawberry to bring back and to give to my office mates...

My elder brother just stayed for 1 nite as he has to work on balik semalam my adik drove and my 2nd brother convoyed back with us where we stopped jap kat LATA ISKANDAR, a waterfall on the way back from cameron and took some pictures there and we stopped again at Tapah Rest Area for food and toilet break..reach home around 5pm that's all folk..enjoy the slide ok..

Thursday, January 08, 2009

2008 Cute's 3logger Award...Akhirnyeee

Hamboi...akhirnye ke'cute'an ku di akui jua .....terima kasih lah Jase kerna penganugerahan ini...saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kpd parents saya, Pn Azizah and En. Mohd Yusof kerna telah memberikan sy gen cute ini, adik beradik sy, Linda, Rizal n Zul kerna ke'cute'an sy ke'cute'an anda juge, hubbyku, Man kerna tertarik kpd ke'cute'an sy...hehehhehe...(perasan n terlebey sudaaa....)

Berikut saya senaraikan "Peraturan untuk menerima Award hebat ini :
(1) 'Copy badge' "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" dan letakkan di blog anda.
(2) 'Link'/ceritakan kembali siapa yang menganugerahkan award ini kepada anda.
(3) Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.
(4) Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda. (Cabaran ni...)
(5) Jangan lupa melawat blog kawan anda dan meninggalkan komen yang menyatakan mereka telah di TAGged. (Amalan biasa ni)

(peraturan diatas telah di copy bulat2 dr blog Jase)

Peraturan ke 3 ini memang mencabar sekali(ayat Jase). Dan sekrg sy pulak dgn rendah diri nk share kan 5 Fakta bkn auta dan 5 Hobi mengenai diri sy.

5 Fakta LadyM

1. berbintang aries, di lahirkan pada 30/3 di hospital besar mentakab, pahang

2. anak pertama drpd 4 org adik beradik, masih tinggal bersama parents

3. agak pemalu, suka membaca dan menonton televisyen

4. sangat mengemari warna biru, pasta dan pasukan Manchester United

5.sorg pemandu yg sgt berhati-hati ttp agak agresif dan kuat mengomel ketika memandu (pengakuan ikhlas ni)

5 Hobi LadyM

1. makan (hobi sepenuh masa, lebih2 lagi kalo tgh stress)

2. membaca (skrg dh jarang)

3. menonton wayang (pun dh jarang)

4. blogging dan ambik gambar (hobi baru sejak dh ade blog sendiri)

5. suka travel x kira dlm atau luar negara

Sekarang giliran sapa pulak sy nk berikan/tagkan award ini....calon2 nya ialah :-

2. tira

5. fit

10. anis

so enjoy the award k...anda lah yg paling comey n cute...TAKE A BOW smua k! xyahlah nk notify thru u all nye blog k...korang cash & carry sendiri award ni k...PEACE!


Received a sad and shocking news last nite via sms...


Takziah buat Nubhan sekeluarga dan semoga Nubhan sekeluarga tabah dan redha dgn ketentuan tuhan ini...AMIN

"Daripada Nya kita datang, kepada Nya jua kita kembali"

Friday, January 02, 2009


My first entry for the new just came back from my holiday in cherating...just relaxing and rejuvenating plus hibernating there...went with my family, had a rather quiet new year, no fireworks or anything special...went to cherating for 3 days 2 nite and stayed at Impiana Cherating ...the place, accomodation and staff was nice but it was raining the 1st day but luckily the sky cleared up the 2nd day where me laze at the pool swimming and just chilling!...back to work today so just catching up on work...will blog later when there's more to blog k! until then.........