Tuesday, December 23, 2008


p/s : me will be on leave next week (29/12/2008 - 1/1/2009)...so see ya next year k!

Monday, December 22, 2008


It had been quite a tiring weekend and here's why....



My aktiviti start at 8pm, that was when me n hubby keluar drpd rumah nk gi Tasik Titiwangsa. Why Tasik Titiwangsa? coz Nubhan ade show mlm tu dlm kul 8 30 pm sempena Suriafm anniversary and the KL MESRA kempen where the event is for the OKU community to showcase their arts and crafts. The event dh start drpd morning tp me just went for the mini concert that nite. The show was hosted by Bob and Aktar, Suriafm DJ's. The artist performing that nite was Dayang Nurfaizah, Daniel(MI2 champion), Nubhan and Dafi in order of performance. The nite was drizzling at first but it stop midway during the show. Me met Tira and her family so ade nubies gak mlm tu. Bob & Aktar, DJ Suriafm

The show start with Dayang singing 2 songs tp terlupa lak lagu ape die nyanyi...xde nk comment, sore dayang mmg marveles live...

the 2 pose of dayang nurfaizah

Next to perform was Daniel, Malaysian Idol 2 winner. He's BM dh improve byk dan di nyanyi 2 songs - Mimpi dan lagi satu lupa lagi...hehehehe...tp sedap2 gak lagu die...die pn ade ramai fanz tau, siap ade yg bwk a battery operated mini electronic nameboard (x sure ape nk panggey tp very colourful) cantek gak...

AND then its NUBHAN's turn and by then dh ramai org kat stage tu....Nubhan starts his performance with GenerasiKu, Ketahuan and Terima Kasih Cinta...1st time dgr nubhan's version of TKC and that mmg sesuai bangat dgn sore die...nice very nice...the crowd response pn boleh tahan...malas nk tulis byk, here are some of the piccas...

The many poses of Nubhan

Last to performed was Dafi, he sang 2 songs, bila terasa rindu and lupa lagi satu song...adoi asyik lupa aje...sowey... abis saje Dafi singing, the show was over.

Thanks to Vern - me, tira and eila managed to snap some piccas with Nubhan backstage after the show.




21/12/2008 (Sunday - HAI PARTY 2008 & JOM HEBOH)
Me keluar dr rumah dlm kul 11 45 am, g ambik minyak and beli mknan ringan Mcdonald Mcnugget set utk isi perut dulu and a bottle of mineral water. Reach Summit USJ dlm kul 1pm and by then the sitting area was almost full as the Hai team gave away 30 seats to the 1st 30 ppl who bought a copy of the latest Hai copy along with goody bags. Me sampai early and no nubies was on sight so i decide to wait for them therefore did not got to sit but its okay. About 10 minutes or so, nampak Tira and Eila, rupenye dorg dh sampai lagi awal and sempat gi tgk wayang...while waiting for the others, we try to find the most strategic place to stand and get a clearer place to take piccas.

The stage

the latest HAI cover

The show starts at around 3pm and was hosted by Leya of Hotfm. There were a launching and cutting of cake ceremony. As this is the final road tour, a lot of stars was there that evening around 40 stars came. But i sempat nampak saw Aizat, Liyana Jasmay, Riz, Nadia, farawahida, aleeza kassim, 2 cast of histeria -ainul and talya.

The first performer was Riz singing his final AF6 song - Hanya Sandaran and then a duet with Alya. Alya also sang a song but did not remember the title of the song. Next to perform was Farahwahida, she sang 2 songs and then its Nadia's turn, singing the theme song from 'HISTERIA' and i think an Alicia Keys song

Riz, Nadia and Farahwahida

Then its Nubhan's turn singing GenerasiKu and Terima Kasih Cinta. Apa lagi by then nubies pn dh ramai, nubies lah yg paling kuat menjerit....heehhehe...x sempat aleya nk introduce...

some of the nubies that came and screamed their lungs out!(picca credit: Mrmanager)

After nubhan performance finished, nubhan got to rush to Jom Heboh at Bkt Jalil to perform and autograph session at HOTfm booth there. So most of the nubies pn rushed to Bkt Jalil too. Me at first mcm x mau g cos mesti jam teruk and no parking but decided to try my luck. Mmg JAM gila and i kena pusing lama gak br dpt parking space. So i pn rushed lah nk carik booth Hotfm lagi so by the time me sampai performance dh abis and nubhan tgh signing autograph so x dpt lah dgr die performed and only managed to take one picture just before he left the booth.

lps abis signing session, still ramai yg ikut nubhan so ive decided to balik by then coz dh penat sgt....so that's how i spend my weekend...crazy....mayb...tired...very....happy and fun...FOR SURE! so TATA for now....PEACE OUT!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Semalam me went to see Mamma Mia! The Musical kat Istana Budaya....i went with my sis who got the tickets. Best sgt coz me nk pergi tp katanya sold out dan price tiket yg agak mahal. I went after work dan we reach there around 7pm coz we gi mkn dulu. By the time we sampai, parking kat istana budaya dh almost penuh...ramai btul peminat show ini. Bila sampai, we tgk2 lah merchandise yg ade di jual kat situ...Ada tshirt, poster, cap, keychain, pen and even stuff dolls...the price boleh tahan mahal gak but sbg kenangan me and my sis bought keychain and fridge magnet respectively @ RM 15 each. Then we naik ke tingkat satu, rupanya ade di sediakan makanan dan minuman di situ like satay, dim sum, cakes and sweets and mcm2 lagi lah...sedap beb! menyesal lak mkn dulu tadi ...hehehe...The Agong and Permaisuri Agong was the VVIP yesterday and we were seated a few rows back to the Royal Box so dptlah tgk Permaisuri Agong yg paling muda dan cantek tu...While waiting for the door to open, i took some pictures. As i had watched the movie a few months back, i already know the story and i jd my sis nye pencerita lak...the cast was fabulous and the songs was superb and so much fun...almost all the ABBA songs was performed - "MAMMA MIA", "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY", "I HAD A DREAM" (my favourite), "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC" (another favourite) "SUPER TROUPER", "GIMME GIMME", " THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL" byk lagi to mention....the set was simple only using 2 rock replica to represent the Greek hotel as the background and by moving this replica around they created the scene.

The story revolves around the upcoming wedding of Sophie(Sophia in Greek) and it all started when she found her mum's (Donna) old diary and in the diary her mum wrote abt 3 guys who could potentially be her birth father - The Bank Manager - SAM, The Architect - HARRY and A Travel Guide Writer - BILL. Without her mum's knowledge, sophie has invited the 3 guys to her wedding and by indicating the invitation came from Donna. So the 3 guys agreed to come. So when the 3 guys came to the Greek, sophie had to hide the 3 guys to not to bump to her mum and when Donna knew abt these, she was not too happy abt it but try to be civil towards the guys. And when the guys figured out the truth and that they are potentially Sophie's dads, they all agreed to give Sophie away. Memang kelam kabut and kelakar biler scene kat wedding tu, the 3 guys stands up when the priest asked 'who will give this bride away' and when Donna also was not sure on which of the 3 guys is Sophie's real father. But in the end, Sophie decided not to get married instead wants to travel the world with her fiancee and Donna ends up getting married to SAM who have always loved her and visa versa. There was an encore where by then almost the whole auditorium was standing and singing. Smua dh lupa that the King and Queen was there....Ampun Tuanku. Mmg enjoy sgt performance mlm tu.

Quite an interesting and memorable night. I was smiling in my sleep. Thank you to my sis for bringing me although i was her 3rd choice but 3rd is lucky.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Memandangkan me baru je dpt menguploadkan picca to my pc...me give to u a bumper issue of picca and happenings taken from my camera....

Me start with my hubby company family day at Desa Waterpark (09/11/2008). Nothing much to story, me x bermandi-manda pn kt sana, we just went there just for the long service award ceremony where my hubby received his award for 15 years of service, he got a certificate and a gold medalion...emas betul k, size slightly bigger than a 50 cents coin...these are the only pictures i took on that day

2 banners at the FNCC Family Day Gathering

Man receiving his award from the HR Manager

Group photo of the 15th year long service award recipients

Man with his award minus the gold medalion coz mahalkan, he got it later at the office the next day

me and suraya, an old colleague of mine when me worked at FNCC, that time at Jln Foss near the Sg Besi roundabout, now you know kat mane i met my hubby k...hehehe...in fact she was the one who introduce me to my hubby

Next me like to share some of the picca taken at the recent Muzik2 Semifinal for Balada at Plaza Alam Sentral, Sri Pentas 2, Shah Alam (05/12/2008). Me went there by car, sent by my parents straight from work...was caught in a bad jam that day and reach there around 7 45 pm eventhough was supposed to reach there by 7 30 pm....but luckily not all has arrived yet, i saw the normal nubies like ajoy, tokwan, harney, ktcat, norajoey, adik dorg, farell, kak kyrun and her 2 children, waty among others...due to our "special connection" i.e. Vern, we got to go in to the studio early and without lining up which got us a lot of dirty looks and noisy complaint...- ADA AKU KESAH!-....hehehe kasar bunyinye but kita org smua peramah ok!. Result pn dh tau kan, just nk menghabiskan stok gambar dlm simpanan

See gambar2 smua bergegar n blur coz mmg duk jauh dr pentas, satu je dpt gambar clear bila dpt bergambar dgn Faizal Ismail, DJ HotFm and hos bersama Muzik2....jadi lerrrrrrrr...tgklah gambar nubhan tu di kelilingi oleh peminat2 baru n lama...hehehe


Last thursday (11/12/2008), konon2 nk berdating lah dgn hubby, so lps keje trus g tgk wayang kat TGV KLCC....ingat nk tgk "Twilight" tapi time die lambat sgt so nk tak nak me follow je lah hubby nk tgk "Cicakman 2"...so while my hubby beratur beli tiket, guess who was getting in line to buy tiket...tekalah...................................................................................ANUAR ZAIN, lelaki ini, jejaka terhangat di Malaysia beb! ....me mula2 nampak buat cool je mcm x nampak.....lps my hubby dh beli tiket, me beritau lah anuar zain tgh beli tiket tu, tunggu lah jap, nak tangkap gambar dgn die....by this time dh ramai org kat situ dh perasan die ade...selesai je die beli tiket, trus i approach
me : anuar, boleh i nk ambik gambar dgn u

anuar : sure, boleh (sambil senyum, aduh! senyuman itu bleh mencairkan hati!)

me : kat mane you nak ambik gambar ni

anuar : x kisah

my hubby menjalankan tugas mengambil gambar "snap, snap" , sambung borak lagi dgn anuar,

me : u beli tiket kul berapa and tgk citer ape

anuar : i beli tuk my frenz sekali, tgk "The Day the earth stood still" kul 9pm

me : oooooooo aritu i pergi tgk semifinal

anuar : oh ye ke, alhamdulillah

me : nnt final muzik2 u dtg tak

anuar : tgk lah kalo di jemput

At that time, my hubby sound kat i, "eh, abg pn nk ambik gambar dgn anuar" and to anuar he said, "tgklah tu, dh jumpe pujaan die, lupa kt suami die" and at the juncture anuar bleh jwb " a'ah lah"...adoi dh lah kena sound free2 tambah malu lagi...sabar je lah...huhuhu...lps tu i salam dgn anuar and say bye2 to him, by then dh ramai kat situ pn menunggu turn nk ambik gambar dgn die....i siap ckp hubby x mau basuh tangan yg bersalam dgn anuar...siap mintak my hubby suapkan mkn....tp sekejap je lps tu dh lupa...hikhikhik...so here's the photo

Happy sangat masa ni !

Last but not least, yesterday's event, Road Show Majalah Hai kat Seremban Parade (14/12/2008). me pergi naik komuter je smlm memandangkan Seremban Parade tu just opposite the Komuter station....hubby sent me to Kl Sentral and i took the 12 30 pm train, spai dalam kul 1 55 pm....dlm perjalanan adelah ber sms dgn harney and ilah....spai je kat situ, nampak farell lak...kat dpn stage ade kerusi tp dh hampir penuh bile me spai kat sana....so mkn dulu kat mcD, mkn ringan2 je - nuggets 4 pcs and ais milo joined by erin_aida and her sis, harney, ilah and farell...harney mkn curly fries je....lps mkn kita org pn trylah carik port utk berdiri sambil menunggu lain2 nubies spai...nubhan ade show kat Sungai Petani the nite before so die bertolak dr sana to seremban. Show start at abt 3 pm lah with the cutting of ribbon by farahwahida and the cast of Histeria. The show was hosted by Kieran from Hotfm the show started with the band "COUPLE" , new band kot tp layan jelah....at the same time dh nampak nubhan sampai, nampak fit,tokwan, kikey, YB and edna...dorg smua br spai dr kedah lah tu....dyla and angah pn sampai abt the same time....1st time jumpe cikgu zam and aisya. iras pn ade. after every performance ade games and gift giving from Hai and Hotfm...next to perform was farahwahida, die bwk 3 lagu tp ingat lagu ketahuan je....lps tu the cast of Histeria lak naik ke stage and dorg buat games dgn kids siapa bleh berlakon mati bila di tembak...fun gak tgk games ni and the cast pn very friendly....my favourite cast was Scha and Liyana Jasmay...mmg cantek lah dorang ni and sweet sgt...my adik mmg suka sgt kat Scha tu coz die kata muka Scha mcm BCL...mmg ade persamaan...Scha pn ade berlakon "Awan Dania" kat astro so ramai gak yg panggil die Dania je....i byk gak ambik gambar this 2 girls...And after them, the moment and artist that all are waiting for - NUBHAN...he start his show with "Gadis Melayu" followed by "GenerasiKu" and of coz "Ada Untukmu"...very energetic and nub is getting more and more confident on stage...after the show, there was the autograph session and those with the copy of Hai can only join...me tak beratur but instead asked Zam to help to get the autograph and for him to meet with nub coz it was his 1st time meeting nubs....so around 6 30 pm, i make my way back to the komuter station and back home....that's all folks....here are piccas taken by me....next week is the final HAI road show which will be at Summit USJ and insya'allah i will be going there too.

during the games


the 2 gaya of nubhan

Scha @ Dania @ BCL (pic credits to Farell)

Scha, Nubhan and Ainul (pic credit to harney)

nubhan and farahwahida - so cute pose ni, i like! (pic credit to mrmanager)

A group photo b4 going back (pic credit to harney)