Friday, October 31, 2008



Me and hubby bertolak dr umah dalam kul 8 30 am dan we stopped for breakfast at Seremban R&R, had nasi lemak and milo. We fill up petrol at the Petronas there and then proceed to Juasseh at around 9.30 am...Actually this is my 2nd time to Nubhan's house but 1st time driving on my own and was quite worried abt going up the Bkt Putus stretch and on finding nubhan's house. The rest of the gang has already left the day before. But I did asked for the direction from one of them and hopefully i wouldnt get lost.

Alhamdulillah the directions given was easy to follow and we reach nubhan's house in Juasseh at abt 11 am and was able to drive in to nubhan's house as the road quite narrow and small. Only one vehicle can pass at one time. Once there, the rest was busy doing some last minute things and me and hubby brought 2 hampers with us given by sponsors. me help a little bit here and there and around 11 40 am, the gang wanted to get changed and ready for the majlis scheduled at 2pm. me and hubby decided to follow them to the house they were staying, which also belongs to one of the nubies there, Fikri . So once there at the house, we each takes turn to shower and changed into our baju kurung and baju melayu. All of us came back to nubhan's house around 12 30 pm and there was already a lot of the org kampung there and we just started greeting and meeting them. But still there's always time to pose for pictures....HARUS KAN!

Two of nubhan's batch from AF 6 was also there to memeriahkan majlis hari itu, Toi and Faisal and was mobbed by the villagers and nubies. They was very friendly and sporting throughout the evening, posing for pictures, singing karaoke and even playing games. So itu yg buat all mmg enjoy and happy sangat! Games played was mencari sampul duit raya dalam tepung and berjalan sambil memakai tempurung kelapa...great fun seeing them playing the games...nubhan pn ade join gak 'tolong' budak2 ms time games.

I put a lot of pictures here coz pictures can tell a thousand words and can tell the story on its own. Hope that me can share on how fun and enjoying that day was through them. The food served was nasi putih, ayam masak gulai lemak, daging salai masak lemak cili padi, umbut, ayam goreng, rendang daging N9 style, lemang, kuih bakar, kuih lapis, agar2 n kuih koci...sedap2 belaka wo! I won a spa voucher through the lucky draw but not sure when to go yet...its in Kota Damansara...At around 6 pm, the programme came to an end and of coz group picture time and some personal pictures with nubies from Johor and Kota Bahru, ehsan and iras...
And it was time to say goodbye

one last look before leaving nubhan's house


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I went to Aizat's AF5 makan2 at Grand Ballroom, De Palma Hotel, Ampang. The invitation was from 11 am - 4pm. As me leave in Ampang Jaya, very near to the hotel, me n hubby went there at abt 12 30 pm and when we reach there we were greeted by Aizat's cousins at the door and were asked to proceed to the buffet table. macam2 ada too much to mention but the most special was Aizat's family favourite : kari ayam sempalit from their hometown in Pahang. Being from Pahang also, mmg xleh miss lah mkn kari ni, sedap wow!...mkn cicah dgn roti...yum2...nampak je i ni kurus tp kuat makan OK!...

some of the spread

but i terlupa lah nk tangkap gambar kari ayam sempalit tu...itulah sedap sgt mkn...kalo sampai ke Sempalit, Raub do try the kari ayam k...masa me sampai, x nampak Aizat coz die tgh di interview by press, and me saw some of the guest are reporters like mama juwie, huzz and even nazmi (x sure btul ke nama die) from melodi was there. Shila from OIAM 2 was also there and even perform with Aizat for 'HANYA KAU YG MAMPU'. nice combination of voices. It is well known by all that Aizat's family are all musically talented so Aizat did a duet with his sister Juai and even his uncle khalid sang 'STILL' by the BEE GEES, mmg sebijik mcm BEE GEES, siap ade getar2...hehehhe...quite a big turn out that day...of coz me make a point to take photo with Aizat. Kena take turns gak lah, ramai yg nk bergambar dgn die.

Aizat segak berbaju melayu

Aizat singing "Hanya Kau yg Mampu" akuistik

Shila n Aizat singing duet

Aizat and Man

Me and Aizat

Me and Aunty Fina (Aizat's mum)

We left around 2 30 pm and proceed to Kg Tunku to my cousin's house, die ade buat makan2 raya gak. My parents and siblings dh gi dulu earlier coz the invitation was from 12 noon to 3 pm and my mum asked me to still come to my cousin's house. So though the road was quite congested with cars, ramai yg kuar beraya kan coz dh last week of raya but we managed to reach his house exactly 3 pm. tawakkal lah kan tp nasib baiklah bila kita org sampai masih ramai kat umah die and i even apologised to him if im late but he said its ok....phew! lega coz this cousin of mine and family mmg very strict abt apalagi, makan ler....the menu there was mi kari sarawak made by his mother in-law (mmg sedap), makaroni goreng (my favourite) and then biase lah ketupat and rendang...nasib baik weather ok, me n hubby sat inside the house coz kat luar meja dh penuh. so that's abt it, we pn x stay lama, abis makan je trus balik home. Dh kekenyangan sampai umah apa lagi tido lah. THE END

(next will story abt Ghayo di Kampung Nubhan in JUASSEH)Tungggggggggggguuuuuuuu!!!!

MAKAN@ RAYA (18/10/08)

like i wrote before, now i would update on the makan2 on saturday (18/10/08) . i have 2 invitations for makan2 raya, one from cita in subang jaya n su, my ex-colleague in old klang road. Cita invited me via sms on Friday and she puts the time at abt 1pm. so on saturday me and my hubby went to cita's house 1st and reach her house at abt 1.30 pm. But once we reached her house, her house was very quiet. So after ringing her bell for a few minutes, finally cita opened the door and she was still wearing her house coat. She was surprised that i came so early coz the others was supposed to come later at abt 4pm. how do i know?! nobody told me abt the change of although awkward n embarrass, we were invited in and her father was even busily vacumming the house...kesian gak tgk dorg kelam kabut, but me pn xkan nk balik coz i've already got plan to go to Su's house right after. so while the family was getting ready, me n hubby occupied ourselves looking thru their albums. The whole family went to Seoul on 2nd of hari raya for 5 days. So luckily, the food was ready and we end up eating together with her whole family cos smua pn dh lapar kan. She served lontong, sambal kerang and sambal paru2...yum2 my feberets. lepas abis mkn, me n hubby try mkn cookies lak but not long after that we make our move to Su's house lak. Her parents tanye gak x mau wait for the rest of the geng ke but takkn nk duk lama2 kan, dh lah terawal...hehehehe. So i just manage to take one photo with Cita. Next from subang jaya, we proceed to old klang road via the NPE so xlah jauh sgt. Bila reach rumah Su lak, her house was penuh dgn her relatives and other friends, mmg tgh packed lah time tu lagipn die dok kat apartment ...again i nye timing x betul. i thought my office mates was already there but according to Su, they went to another friend's house first. dh tu sampai2 je, su nk kuar ambik kawan yg x tau jalan, so we were left there at her house so apa lagi make ourselves at home, makanlah....her house served mee sup and kari, white rice with a few lauk - sambal sotong, ikan masin...itu je yg i ingat...xdelah byk jenis tp cukup sedap gak. so we tak stay lama sgt kat umah su coz mmg time tu umah die dh packed sgt. so just took picture with her and then balik umah.

so that was my weekend activities for that week and mmg kekenyangan lah...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i start with sunday's nye makan2 dulu coz paling happening and meriah ok....and becoz i belum upload gambar from saturday's makan2, will do later ;)

l-r : narnia, me, man n ajym (our host)
Invitation was for around 2 30pm and janji dgn geng lain pn around that time so that bleh serbu ramai2 trus umah ajym tp me terlambat sampai dalam kul 3 lebih baru sampai. bkn sesat coz map yg ajym emel is quite simple to understand. terlambat coz parents pinjam my car to go beraya 1st kat hartamas. So by the time sampai, geng2 nubies kak cutiepie/mamapip, ucu, dyla, kak kyrun n daughters, ajoy, harney, tokwan already there. masing2 pn dh memulakan majlis makan2 pn. ucu n dyla dh ade kat meja mkn masa tu, so me n hubby trus jelah ke meja makan. i bought kueh bakar for the host, ajym n narnia. Byk gak narnia masak and siap di beri nama lagi. yg me ingat mee kari indera, rojak buah ada untukmu, ade kek coklat, carrot cheese kek, satay, pudding...mcm2 ade lah. sedap2 smuanya. very nice house n very comfortable, homey feeling. memandangkan ajym mmg ajak geng nubies je, memasing pn mmg buat mcm umah sendiri ler. so sambil makan2, borak2, gelak ketawa and of coz feberet xtvt - posing for pictures...mana sempat, mana angle pn jadi...elok2 sorang dua nk berposing, tau2 ramai yg join...namapn feberet xtvt...dh tu masing2 dh pandai posing, mcm2 pose mcm artis gitu.

the spread
picture kat meja makan with the host

dyla, ucu, ajoy n tokwan keluar jap gi ambik bad kat upm serdang so while waiting for them to come back, makan2 lagi ler, taking pictures and watching tv programme, just lepaking lah. angah ruzi n kaklong with kaklong son pn dh sampai by then so sapa2 yg rase nk makan, makan lagi lah, entah dh brp kali round...selamba beb, makanan kn utk di makan...ahaks...

me and hubby

me n kak cutiepie @ kak shikin

me and the girls

When bad and the rest finally returned, another makan2 session and photography time of coz.

near to 8 pm angah and kak long was the 1st to make a move and me follow after that but by then the rest was also getting ready to go home. All in all everybody had a great time eating good food and plenty of laugh and photos

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Makan2 raya

last weekend i ade buat a small makan2 raya at my house for old frenz and even attended a makan2 raya at Dyla(nubies) house in Puchong on sunday. And this coming weekend, i already got invites for a makan2 raya at Ajym(nubies) house in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn on Sunday and an ex-colleague Su at Jln Klang Lama on Saturday. So that will cover my activities this weekend.

On Friday nite an old fren called and wanted to come by my house to catch up and beraya. Was very surprise to get the call but was happy too coz dh lama x jumpe dorang and was terharu that they still remember me after all these years. so on Saturday morning, me and my mum got ready some stuff to prepare. We served Mihun goreng and kuah kacang with nasi impit and rendang daging. just a simple makan2 actually, nothing special.
nasi impit, rendang daging and kuah kacang (freshly made)
some of my raya cookies (bought and given by people)

The first visitor was my mum's ustaz who taught her mengaji. he came with his wife and his cute 1 year old plus cute but lupa lak nk ambik gambar dorang cos busy in the kitchen. They stayed for abt 1/2 an hour also just catching up with things as the ustaz is now based in Pasir Gudang, Johor. My frens finally came at abt 1pm and one of them even gave me a sponge cake which was so nice and susah2 aje....once dh jumpe, of coz masing2 mulalah tukar2 citer to catch up kan...i was totally out of touch with the rest of my frenz and through everything they managed to keep in touch with each other. Borak punye borak, dh ade plan nk gi travel mayb to Bandung next year, will see whether i could join them. Tengoklah dulu kalo ade rezeki, syok gak. dh lama x gi travel ni. Before they left of coz kena ambik picture for kenangan kan.
from left: me, ayit, wiwie and eina

In the evening, my 1st brother and family lak came. They all pn baru balik from an open house in TTDI and was caught in a bad jam. Everybody pn keluar and a lot of people was having open houses that day. My nephew is sitting for his PMR this year and my sister in-law was very worried abt him. biaselah boys x mcm girls, boys relax aje mcm xde hal je. anyways all the best and good luck Ashraff. After my parents house, my brother went to my sister's house. so after they left kira tutup pintu and umah for the nite.

On sunday lak, my turn to go out for mkn2 hari raya at Dyla's house. I was so confident of the way to go to her house but somehow i got lost and got to call her a few times for direction. Dahlah hujan lak aritu. Pusing punya pusing finally reached her house coming to 3 pm and luckily ajym and family pn baru sampai and we masuk together to Dyla's house. Ucu, bad and nord was already there. We terus makan and the menu that day was nasi tomato, kuah kacang. rendang, nasi impit...sedap2 belaka lah...lepas makan lepaklah dgn then kak kyrun, her 2 children and tokwan dh sampai, all dress in white - ala2 indera ajym kan rajin ambik gambar n dh mula lah sesi fotografi antara smua. me x sempat bergambar dgn dyla pn, just sempat menumpang bergambar yg di capture oleh ajym. thanks ajym.

bergambar ramai dgn mama dyla (tudung grey)

Farell, ajoy, harney and kak cutiepie sampai lambat sikit x sure lak pukul berapa but by then my hubby dh signal suh beransur pulang so i pn make my move not long after dorg sampai. Before that bad and ucu pn dh balik dulu coz bad nk gi tpt lain lak...very the bz abg artes ni kan...die pn byk undangan gitu.

Utk this weekend nye story and pictures will update later k. ciao.